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I'm maddie. I really like my family, david bowie, taking photos, jukeboxes, history, studio ghibli, trashy american tv shows, henry holland, psychoanalysing, cringy low budget old music videos, food shopping, robert downey jr, the ghostbusters theme tune, when people aren't late, truman capote, misfits, cycling on my free, spray painted bicycle, laughing to the point of tears, the dancefloors in grimey old pub basements, nice pub lunches, beer gardens in summer, learning useless but cool things, harry potter, festivals, interesting conversations that go on all night, hbo, guerilla girls, elaborate cake decorations, making friends, cookies, dressing up, liberty print, pug dogs, art, calvin and hobbs, tatty devine, northern men, getting to the cinema in time to see the trailers, thinking about all the gigs i'd go to if i had a time machine, arthur miller, john hughes, lips, most disney films especially little mermaid and aladdin but definately not pocahontas and a bug's life, new wave, fair trade, making things, the v&a, mexican art/day of the dead, black comedy, steve buscemi, tarrantino, fincher, scorsese, vaudeville, cartoons, good memories, random acts of kindness, sleeping, winnie the pooh books but not the films, my friends, the feeling of relief, hitchcock, bagels, grafitti art, tintin, being inside when it's raining and receiving post.

ten things I’ve learnt and would like to arrogantly offer as advice to others

  1. People will never change, they’ll just find acceptance in their own skin. The ones that try to make you feel insecure can’t accept themselves.
  2. Only do things that make you uncomfortable if you think there’s a benefit.
  3. You can’t make other people responsible for your own happiness. People can cheer you up, talk through lemons and make you laugh but it’s important to be able to be able to smile and enjoy things alone.
  4. Give praise, thanks and compliments.
  5. When receiving compliments say something along the lines of ‘thank you’.
  6. If you’re in a bad mood, don’t make everyone else suffer. Voice your aggravations, smile and remember stress and anger don’t resolve anything.
  7. Make efforts to see and catch up with friends. Liking a status doesn’t count.
  8. Sometimes you’ll put more into friendships then you get out, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re any less appreciated. People just have different standards or thought processes; don’t analyze or get paranoid
  9. Guys think with logic, girls with emotion; when you understand this a lotta simple relationship problems are resolved
  10. If you’ve got a problem, get help.
June 28th, 2012   3 notes